~ “Oh this is going to be addictive” ~Dom Sagolla, Twitter co-creator

: Welp…he was right!

~ “Whoever said that things have to be useful?” ~Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder and CEO

: This is the greatest statement ever!!!

~ “The qualities that make Twitter seem inane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful” ~Jonathan Zittrain, Harvard law professor and Internet expert

: I feel like if I tried to write something intellectual about this comment I wouldn’t get anywhere… I mean he is from Harvard.

~ Twitter satisfies people’s short attention span and need for competitiveness. ~Twitter Directory 2000, comment on website about Twitter

: This is probably why it is so addicting….


Twit for Tweets,




~ Faith is love taking the form of aspiration. ~William Ellery Channing

: Faith is love…that’s really all that’s needed!

~ Reason is our soul’s left hand, Faith her right.  ~John Donne

: We all need to use both hands once in a while.

~ Faith is reason grown courageous.  ~Sherwood Eddy

: Reason and Faith really do go hand in hand…. (look at previous quote)

~ Faith is spiritualized imagination.  ~Henry Ward Beecher

: Imagination is always a good thing to have.

~ Weave in faith and God will find the thread.  ~Author Unknown

: Even if you don’t like sewing, or weaving or crocheting, just weave a little and God will show you the direction!


In Faith,



~ One thousand Americans stop smoking every day – by dying.  ~Author Unknown

: This is kind of a cruel statistic…but it’s the truth.

~ Nicotine patches are great.  Stick one over each eye and you can’t find your cigarettes.  ~Author Unknown

: Hahaha….this would be so funny to watch!

~ The best way to stop smoking is to just stop – no ifs, ands or butts.  ~Edith Zittler

: I though this was funny because it has butts in it and there are butts on cigarettes.

~ Smoking helps you lose weight – one lung at a time!  ~”Alfred E. Neuman” (Mad Magazine)

: If you want to lose weight, I suggest doing it differently.


To Live and Breathe,



~ Love conquers all. ~Virgil

: Love conquers fear, confusion, and anything else.

~ Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.  ~Albert Einstein

: Miracles and fate are responsible for people falling in love.

~ Forget love – I’d rather fall in chocolate!  ~Sandra J. Dykes

: Both of these would be acceptable….

~ For you see, each day I love you more; Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. ~Rosemonde Gerard

     : You will never not be loved. Somebody out there always loves you!


In love,



~ Football is, after all, a wonderful way to get rid of your aggressions without going to jail for it.  ~Heywood Hale Brown

     : This would solve lots of problems if people just started playing football instead of starting fights.

~ Most football players are temperamental.  That’s 90 percent temper and 10 percent mental.  ~Doug Plank

: I think this should read 10% temper and 90% mental, but then again I didn’t say it so I can’t change it!

~ Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.  They are consumed in twelve minutes.  Half-times take twelve minutes.  This is not coincidence.  ~Erma Bombeck

: If the guys in my family thought of this while eating Thanksgiving dinner then my grandmas would have their hide!

~ Baseball players are smarter than football players.  How often do you see a baseball team penalized for too many men on the field?  ~Jim Bouton

: They both look good in their pants 😉


Enjoy an American Legend,



~ I don’t remember my mother ever playing with me. And she was a perfectly good mother. But she had to do the laundry and clean the house and do the grocery shopping. ~Patricia Heaton

: I hope I am not this kind of mother.

~ We should all do what, in the long run, gives us joy, even if it is only picking grapes or sorting the laundry. ~E. B. White

: This may not give us all joy, but someome needs to do it!

~ Life is like laundry…..loads of fun! ~ Unknown

: I think the loads is referring to laundry. Notice how ‘fun’ comes after the word so that means the fun comes after the work is done.

~ laun-dry: (noun) clothing or linens that have een or need to be washed; a room or area in the house reserved for doing the family wash. ~ Unknown

: This is a great description, it is funny yet so true.

Sportsmanship… A Lesson Everyone Should Learn

~ I think sportsmanship is knowing that it is a game, that we are only as a good as our opponents, and whether you win or lose, to always give 100 percent. ~Sue Wicks

: This goes for players, coaches, spectators, student sections, and everyone else!

~ One man practicing sportsmanship is far better than a hundred teaching it. ~Knute Rockne

: This is the best sportsmanship quote of all. Lead by example!

~ I would advise all youths aspiring to athletic fame or a professional career to practice clean living, fair play and good sportsmanship. ~Major Taylor

: Even if you aren’t a youth aspiring athletic fame or a professional career you should still practice these qualities.

~ Sportsmanship and easygoing methods are all right, but it is the prospect of a hot fight that brings out the crowds. ~John McGraw

: Nobody wants to fight, enough said.

If you want to read a great story on sportsmanship and kindness visit (p.s. this is where I found the picture.)


Be Good Sports,



~ Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.  ~Albert Camus

: Whether you like spring or fall, remember to take some time to watch all the changes of it. Sometimes Mother Nature may just teach you a lesson you needed!

~ Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.  ~Stanley Horowitz

: Even if you haven’t taken an art class and have the slightest idea or what an etching or oil painting looks like, you are still human enough to appreciate the world at it’s finest.

~ “Come little leaves” said the Wind one day. “Come to the meadows with me and play. Put on your dresses of red and gold; for summer is past, and the days grow cold.” ~George Cooper

: Time won’t stop or take the time to stand still for you to appreciate the moment, so get out and appreciate life for all it’s worth.

: Just a little side note: This is the saying on the picture to the right.

~ Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.  ~Elizabeth Lawrence

: Yes, I did just tell you that time won’t stop; but that doesn’t mean you can’t. When you’re having a really crazy day and you think that nothing you do is worth your time and that the ‘to-do’ list you wrote has nothing crossed off yet, go on a walk to a park and sit on a bench. God created the Nature scene just so we can do this. God may be thinking “Why did I create this lovely park close to her home, she never notices it, am I doing something wrong?” The answer is no. He is just like you in thinking the His creation has gone unnoticed to the population of Earth when, in all reality, people just don’t stop to say “Hey, this was definitely worth His time to create. Thanks!”

Kindness Spreads. Patience is Learned.



~ A hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away.  ~Bil Keane, “Family Circus”

: Even though I’ve technically never thrown a boomerang, I do know it always comes back to you. Why not treat yourself to a hug by giving one first?

~ You can’t wrap love in a box, but you can wrap a person in a hug.  ~Author Unknown

: This, to me, seems pretty self-explainatory!

~ I will not play at tug o’ war
I’d rather play at hug o’ war,
Where everyone hugs
Instead of tugs….
~Shel Silverstein

: Great author on this little saying, but the saying also has a lot of meaning in it. It’s not just telling you not to play tug o’ war, but to make friends and peace rather than enemies and war.

~ A hug is like a bandage to a hurting wound.  ~Author Unknown

: Someone may be hurting on the inside but you would never know. Giving them a hug tells them that it is all going to be okay and that they are loved!

Go give a hug,



I’m going to try to do a quote of the day, or quotes of the day. I will base all the quotes I find off of one category. Then I will add my spin or opinion on the quote. Feel free to give me some topics!!

~ Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.  Just get up and dance.  ~Dave Barry

: Anybody who is anybody should love to dance, whether big or small or short or tall, just let go!

~ Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!  ~Constanze

: If you think you can’t dance, turn on the music and let your feet answer your ears.

~ You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart.  ~Author Unknown

: Don’t keep telling yourself that you can’t; you can you just are afraid to show it! Don’t be, just go for it.

~ Dance, even if you have nowhere to do it but your living room.  ~Kurt Vonnegut

: Dancing is for anyone and everyone, whether on a ballroom floor, in the darkest alley, on top of the moon, or in your living room…. Just get up and DANCE!!!


Dance for all it’s worth,