Online Quiz

Grade: Fourth Grade
Objective: Students will be able to correctly identify the five acronyms from the test after the completion of the test during class.
Description: We will have been talking about acronyms and correct language usage online. We will also be talking about “text lingo” and slang and when to use and when not to use those words. The assessment will be given out after we have started our lesson on acronyms but not at the very end of the lesson. This assessment is a check-in point to see whether progress has or has not been made. Most of the acronyms on the quiz are real life examples; there might be one or two my students might now know about but we would talk about them in our Current Issues daily talk.
Rational: I chose to use QuizBox ( because when looking for quiz making sites this one seemed very easy to use and accommodate for what I was wanting. I believe using this site will help enhance my lesson by being a quick, easily observable quiz that will show me how or if students are understanding the acronyms we are practicing.
Access: Just click on the link at the top of the page. It should take you directly to the quiz. Once you are done answering the questions just click “Finish” and you can see your results. If you get 100% hearts will fly on the page.
Opinion: The tricky part about this site is that it doesn’t save the quiz you make on the website’s database, you have to save the quiz to your own website or as a webpage. I had to save my quiz a few different times with different formats to see which would work the way I wanted it to work.
**To save the quiz you make on this website, it worked best for me when I clicked File > Save Page As > ‘Folder’ > and then saved it as ‘Webpage, Complete’ in the Save As Type selection box. It DOES NOT work if you simply copy and paste the URL. That will take you back to the beginning step of making and formatting your quiz.


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