“I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.”  ~Steven Wright

Daydreaming is when you lose yourself in your thoughts. Your world turns into this cloud and all your thoughts turn into the wind whispering differernt ideas into your mind.

People can daydream about many different things, people they like; who they are going to hang out with later that day, that week, or that month; what their ideal vacation would be; what they would do if they won the lottery; etc.

Places to daydream are many. You can daydream on vacation; on a busy day in the office; anytime when you’re in a class; while walking to class (watch out for that tree!!); while sitting at your desk, writing your parents a letter home or while writing down your to-do list (as I would be doing).

Some people can imagine themselves far, far away with that really cute guy from Biology class; sipping champagne from their lottery winnings; eating a deluxe room service meal in a five star hotel with a view of the ocean surrounded by ten of their closest friends and NOT having to worry about who, how, or when they are going to pay for that luxury.

Everyone daydreams at leasat once per day, it’s sometimes just a happening of life. If you catch yourself daydreaming, don’t get off the cloud or put a jacket on to hide yourself from the wind that is blowing; embrace it because some of your great ideas can come from your daydreams.

Sometimes you just need to sit back and dream~whether it be day or night.

Sweet Dreams,



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